The Great Resignation and other factors have led to a shortage of workers and business leaders are having to find creative ways to recruit employees. It currently helps to be flexible when looking for workers to keep your business operating at the pace it should.  For example, consider part time workers or freelancers for full-time positions till you can find the employee you are looking for.  

The focus should be on your business production output and how you can get there with the workers you can get. We have a list below of where and how you can find workers to help you permanently or temporarily. 


  • Advertise on Job Board – Job seekers visit job boards like Indeed to seek employment. Posting your openings there can reach many seeking employment. You can also sponsor your openings to reach more people seeking jobs in your industry. 
  • Advertise on Social Media – Post your positions on social media and use their job boards as well. LinkedIn and Facebook have places where you can post open positions with the descriptions, salary and more. Your open positions can gain lots of exposure through social media and in turn lead you to the right candidates.
  • Ask for Referrals – Ask for referrals through your local business chamber, local community events and even friends and family. You’ll be surprised at how they may be able to connect you to a suitable candidate or point you in the right direction.
  • Attend Career Fairs – Attend physical and virtual career fairs to meet with job seekers. Many career fairs focus on industries, so search for those that are in yours to have access to those looking for jobs in your industry. 
  • Recruit Part timers – Consider part time employees for full time positions. This might warrant managing more employees on your part. However if the success of your business depends on headcount production, it’s worth considering
  • Recruit Freelancers & Contractors – Hire contractors who can help you in any capacity till you find an employee. There are also many freelance websites where you can find professional freelancers who can assist you.