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Business owners are typically jacks-of-all-trades, and in a competitive market, a versatile skillset is a key ingredient of success. Unfortunately, this means that some entrepreneurs end up stretching themselves too thin with responsibilities.

When one person is in charge of bookkeeping, marketing, and business growth, something’s got to give to ensure quality production and error-free work. Bookkeeping is an important responsibility no matter what industry you’re in, and it should always be a priority to complete it accurately and efficiently. Motl Accounting in East Dundee has a team of bookkeeping specialists to help Chicagoland’s small business community improve their company’s daily operations.

1. Putting Passion into Work

Let’s face it: inputting data into spreadsheets probably isn’t your passion. Unless you’ve always dreamed of being the go-to person for accuracy in financial records, it’s probably best to leave number crunching to professionals at Motl Accounting. Instead of devoting your valuable time to bookkeeping, it’s worthwhile to put your energy into the tasks you’re passionate about. A client of ours who owns a restaurant in Batavia IL lost their managerial staff that was in charge of some of the day to day bookkeeping. This obviously put some additional weight on their operations, we were, however, able to step in to assist them with bookkeeping, payroll and accounting seamlessly till they hired more staff. We also went further by training the staff who took over the day to day bookkeeping activities with no additional fees. This obviously led the client to be very appreciative of Motl Accounting’s services.

With the proper assistance from Motl professionals, your attention can shift to expanding your attention to marketing, lead generation or product development. Even if you’re used to switching between dozens of tasks during the day, focusing on just a few allows you to direct the business in a more hands-on manner. The entire team benefits when leadership doesn’t feel stuck in the mud with bookkeeping.

2. Attention to Detail

If you’re not a professional bookkeeper, there will be times when you feel rushed to get the company finances sorted out before upcoming deadlines. When a person is in a hurry to complete a task, they are more likely to make mistakes. The problem is, numbers are either correct or incorrect with no gray area in the middle. It only takes one small error to throw off an entire spreadsheet, which can lead to problems when calculating revenue or forecasting sales.

It takes someone with an eye for detail to complete these responsibilities quickly and accurately. Bookkeepers and accountants, in general, are known for their ability to keep track of hundreds or even thousands of small details with extremely high accuracy. It’s the kind of thing you can’t exactly do effectively at the tail end of a 70-hour workweek. Leave it to the professionals at Motl Accounting with an eye for detail.

3. No Unnecessary Expenses

You might be wondering, “what alternative options business owners have when it comes to bookkeeping services?” Hiring an in-house bookkeeping employee is always a possibility, but it’s important to consider the consequences of such a move. Chances are, your employee will expect the same benefits and a comparable salary to their peers, which could lead to higher expenses than the business can handle.

Going with a third party is less of a time and financial commitment because you don’t need to set up interviews, organize employee paperwork or set anyone up for payroll. Third party accounting services such as Motl Accounting’s bookkeeping services in Dundee provide all the benefits of a full-time employee with almost none of the negatives. You can call your Motl bookkeeper from anywhere in the Chicagoland area or Northwest Suburbs at any time if you have questions about your finances. It’s like having a bookkeeper right in your office at all times, and you don’t even need to spring for a new desk.

Getting Things in Order

When you’re ready to make a bookkeeping change at your workplace, our Motl accountants and bookkeepers are here to help. Chuck, Brent, and Blake have several years of Accounting experience that can be beneficial to your operations and our Bookkeeping Team is great with assisting businesses.  Discover how we can help you make your workplace more efficient, no matter the industry. Clean up your expense tracking and grow your business like never before. It might seem like a small choice, but it can make a big difference in your daily list of things to do.

As with bookkeeping, payroll is part of a business that tends to devour time and energy. Check out our blog post, “3 Questions to Ask Your Payroll Provider” to learn about the most important things to look out for when outsourcing this important responsibility. Your life could get a whole lot easier with Motl Accounting experts by your side.