What’s your favorite season? At Motl Accounting in Dundee, our favorite is tax season. It’s the time of year when you should be thinking about the best way to complete your business filing. There are a number of ways to do your taxes, but a personal CPA for your small business like Charles Motl will provide the quality of service you should expect from a customized tax filing. Business taxes are an entirely different animal than your personal filing; they can be much more complex. The more complicated your taxes are, the more you need help from a professional to avoid those unexpected and tedious mistakes that will ruin the start of your year.
When you work with Motl’s certified public accountants, you know that the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants has qualified our professionals to practice in your state. This distinction means the accountants have passed a rigorous exam and have the experience to complete a professional tax return with accurate deductions on your behalf. Many businesses that we service have tried doing their taxes on their own before realizing how much they may be missing out by not understanding the complexities of deductions and taxations. We recently assisted a Photocopy business in Chicago by reviewing a statement they received and helped them save around $1800 dollars by taking a second look at the statement. It’s natural to panic when you receive notices from the IRS or State government, but we provide the peace of mind in such situations. That’s what we pride ourselves on. This among many reasons is why it’s advisable to go with a CPA rather than doing it alone. Read on for some of the strongest benefits.

Keeping Things Organized

A CPA is tasked with monitoring your company’s financial health on a regular basis. CPAs at Motl take a personalized approach to this responsibility. Larger firms like H&R Block tax services may not be able to focus on your business, as they have hundreds of accounts to maintain. The benefit of working with Motl Accounting is that we are a local business like you! We take pride in getting to know our Chicagoland clients on a first name basis. With our more personalized approach to business tax filing, you can be sure that we will look for new ways to save, invest and manage your deductions.

Staying Accountable 

When you work with a CPA for your business taxes, you can be rest assured that they will be correctly following every rule guideline for your filing. This is important in case of an IRS audit because any companies that aren’t reporting their earnings and expenditures accurately are levied with large penalties. Don’t wait for the IRS to catch your mistakes, let a professional Motl CPA save you the time and money by making sure your taxes are correctly filed the first time around. The CPAs an EA’s at Motl Accounting are subject to frequent check-ins by the state and federal governments to ensure they are operating in an ethical and correct manner. Additionally, CPAs are legally bound to present every tax option to their clients, so they can make well-informed decisions. When it comes to your business’ taxes, you don’t want to second guess yourself, when you can rest easy in the hands of Motl Accounting.

Managing Audits

While having your tax return audited isn’t exactly ideal, when you have a CPA on your side the process is much easier. The CPAs and EA’s at Motl Accounting work closely with the IRS and tax attorneys to ensure each of our clients has the proper documentation and representation when an audit happens. We can serve as your middleman in dealing with the IRS so that you can focus on managing your business. Our CPAs and EA’s keep all your information organized throughout the year and can submit an appeal to the IRS if necessary.

Increasing Deductions

CPAs know the items your business can deduct like the backs of their hands. While you might have forgotten about an off-site client meeting or small business purchase, your Motl CPA will be on top of it for you. These deductions add up quickly. At Motl Accounting we like to ask our clients the necessary questions about their operation to help us get their business the largest amount of savings possible. When you don’t take advantage of these deductions, you are leaving money on the table. It is worth working closely with a professional that knows the ins and outs of filings to ensure you don’t overlook important deductions.

Choosing to work with a CPA is an easy decision, but deciding which CPA can be a little trickier. We can’t guarantee the quality of other CPA services, but we can guarantee that our Motl team takes pride in understanding your business as our own. We work hard to help your business succeed financially, and we are always available at our East Dundee location, online or via phone to chat about your account if you have questions.

Want to learn about filing business taxes with our expert team? Check out more information on this topic and give us a call today!