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This article provides some helpful tips on how you can cut your tax bill by making smart depreciation choices, maxing out your retirement contributions and buying the right items. Saving money is critical for everyone, but if you are self-employed or own a small business, these savings can be especially important.

If you follow these tips then you should be able to reduce your tax bill.

  • Tip 1  – Reduce taxes, cut taxes, tax refund
  • Tip 2  – Reduce taxable income, reduce business profits
  • Tip 3 –  Hire an accountant

Tip 1 – Reduce taxes, cut taxes, tax refund

For many years, you could reduce your taxes by depreciating the purchase of vehicles or equipment. However, in recent years, this deduction has been severely limited, thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed at the end of 2017. Before making any major purchases for your business, consider if it would be better to wait until when these limitations are likely to be repealed. However, speak with your accountant to know when that could be and to make the final determination. 

Tip 2 – Reduce taxable income, reduce business profits

Even if you can no longer reduce your taxes by depreciating items, you may still be able to reduce the amount of tax on profits from your business. You may reduce this amount by contributing as much as possible to a retirement account. You can reduce your taxable business income this way if the retirement plan provides a tax deduction for contributions and defers tax on earnings and contributions. There are also other ways to reduce taxes like deferring income and accelerating deductions, but it’s best you speak with your accountant to ensure you are doing it the right way.

Tip 3 – Hire an accountant

Getting an experienced accountant to help you manage your books and look for deductions you deserve is highly recommended. Our accountants at Motl accounting have identified several deductions for businesses they weren’t aware of. Accountants have the knowledge and experience to analyze your finances and get you the best deductions. So consider hiring a well experienced accountant like us to get the most out of your deductions.  

Tax laws are constantly changing based on politics, economic situations and events. Many of these changes present opportunities that you can act on if you know they exist. At Motl Accounting, we constantly take note of the changes in these laws and apply them to help our clients. We also provide our clients with the best advice on cutting their tax bill. So if you’d like us to look at how you are structured and treating all transactions, contact an experienced tax professional here at 847-426-2100.