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Payroll Processor


  • Retrieve and review employee time records and payroll data from prescribed sources as prepared by clients
  • Complete, verify, and process forms and documentation for the administration of benefits, such as pension plans, unemployment, and medical insurance
  • Compute wages and deductions; enter data into computers
  • Issue and record payroll adjustments related to previous errors or retroactive increases
  • Post relevant work activity to client files in order to bill clients properly
  • Process and issue employee paychecks and statements of earnings and deductions
  • Record employee information, such as exemptions, transfers, and resignations, in order to maintain and update payroll records
  • Review time sheets, work charts, wage computation, and other information in order to detect and reconcile payroll discrepancies
  • Verify and record attendance, hours worked, and pay adjustments
  • Compile and submit statistical reports, statements, and summaries related to pay and benefits accounts to appropriate departments
  • Set up, monitor, and report special programs (i.e. United Way campaigns) that involve payroll deductions
  • Distribute and/or collect timesheets, timecards, and other time-keeping methods from clients each pay period
  • Keep informed of changes in tax and deduction laws that apply to the payroll process
  • Prepare and balance period-end reports, and reconcile issued payrolls to bank statements
  • Provide information to employees and managers on payroll matters, tax issues, benefit plans, and collective agreement provisions

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