Tax Preparer

Job Description:

Completely responsible for all tax matters in a section of clients in a dedicated and professional manner, as if you were the owner of the accounting firm. Managing your section is like managing an accounting firm within an accounting firm.



  • Prepare tax returns, both business and personal, for clients
  • Maintain a control log of production details
  • Maintain a log of time spent vs. fees collected
  • Distribute business questionnaires prior to the year-ends
  • Distribute personal organizers on January 15.
  • Process the 13th month for each client
  • Assign and coordinate with tax preparers, if applicable
  • Make contact in November and December (either through meetings or telephone conferences) with ALL clients to finalize any tax planning
  • Review and distribute final returns to clients
  • Handle client tax questions
  • Handle any correspondence from taxing authorities

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